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Today is the first day of the rest of …..

What does a New Year mean to you?

Is it a time of Reflection

or Projection?

Is it all about changing bad behaviors from previous years?

Or is it a time for overcoming the obstacles in life that prevent you from achieving your goals?

I prefer to think of every New Year as a new opportunity.

A fresh canvas for my life’s mural

A blank page in my life’s story

The local custom where I live is to eat pork on New Year’s Day as an homage to the pig who eats rooting forward

– as opposed to the chicken or cow who forage backwards –

symbolizing moving ahead in the New Year.

Of course, these are the same people who gave the world scrapple and hog maw - so take that for what it’s worth.


it appears we’ve all survived the end of the world,

the fiscal cliff,

our fellow New Year’s revelers,

and the demise of the Twinkie,

so it seems particularly appropriate to take a moment to find inspiration in this New Year.

As for me, I’ve identified two new activities I’m starting today and hope to continue through the new year:

365 Project

I am challenging myself - from this day forward - to taking at least one picture everyday for the entire year. I’m hopeful this will encourage me to carry my camera with me at all times, actively seek out photo opportunities, and increase my skills through practice.

Now if I could only get my husband to start a 365 project of his own …..


Volunteerism is something I’ve long admired in others and have been rather ashamed of in myself. I love animals, so this year I’ll be volunteering at my local Humane Society Shelter to photograph animals up for adoption and to help cover some of their events. Pretty sure I’ll be seeing a lot of dogs and cats, but who knows, maybe there’ll be some surprises as well!

However you enjoy the New Year,

I hope it’s Safe, Healthy and Happy!

Happy 2013,


P.S. Share your plans for the New Year – maybe you’ll inspire someone else!

Photo credits: Karen Foley.

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A new year means nothing to a king like me. I am so rich and powerful that I can change the Earth's orbit on my will to make new year every day. We are in 2013 or in 2113? No problem, rejection reasons are the same :-) Happy new many years to you!


Nice blog and great personal challenge!


That's right. Good sharing


I totally agree with you, a new year is a new opportunity. Thanks for sharing.

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