Blind photographers exhibition

An exhibition called 'Sight Unseen' has opened at the California Museum of Photography which showcases the work of twelve blind photographers from around the world.

© Tanyae

According to the main event's organizer Roel Loopers:

It is nearly 15 years ago that I had the idea to ask blind people to take photos, and it was probably one of the most rewarding things I have done.

It was a very moving opening with many people wandering around with tears in their eyes.

Under each print I had a direct quote from the photographers, explaining why they had taken that particular photo. One stood out. A Turkish girl who had taken a photo of a wall mounted telephone. Her comment: "when I am on the phone is the only time I feel equal, since the people at the other end of the line don't know that I am blind" Very powerful!

Looking through photos at the exhibition, I just wondered why cannot I with my two eyes see the world like these gifted people!

If you'd like - have a look at the Time-CNN gallery or at the Sight Unseen Exhibition web-site

It's amazing!

Photo credits: Tanyae.

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good idea and nice photos! great photographors and organizer.
Thanks for sharing with us.


Incredible... thank you so much for the information and inspiration. I am in need of it.


First thanks for sharing, what an amazing pictures, truly mind blowing. Heartily thank you for sharing this link.
Guys if you are around California please visit, this is mind blowing and others check those images from the link above.
No words for those great photographers

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