Blog articles and sales

It's obvious that if you want a website to be successful you need to fill it up with content like articles, blog articles, etc etc. I've noticed that I only had sales when I wrote here on the blog.

It may be a coincidence, because I don't have many files and sales, but I'm interested if that is the case.

Am I the only one who's noticing this?

Photo credits: Mihai Iova.

Your article must be written in English

October 23, 2010


It's possible but not always making blogs bring sales! Some buyers read blogs as well & by the end your images speak for them selves!

If writing blogs always bring sales, I would have been rich! LOL

October 23, 2010


Well, all your opinions are valid, but last night I had another sale, just a few hours after I wrote the article. I don't know what to say, I'm still waiting to see if it is a coincidence, I'm pretty sure it is, but... yey... I had another sale ;))

October 22, 2010


I have written some blogs and there have been times that my sales increase, and sometimes I don't get any sales. What I'm sure is that the more you participate (uploading images, writing blogs, writing comments, etc) in DT the better the sales are

October 22, 2010


Not agree. I noticed that I had sales lately without having post any blog here on DT. In fact, I posted five free files, and my sales were going down...

October 22, 2010


Agree that with 4 sales it's hard to attribute those to any/previous blogs. I'm not sure many buyers would read through these blogs really, would love to be proven wrong :-)

Good luck and keep up the good work, more uploads = more sales.


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