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We are approaching the end of august, and it is still raining in Paris.

Now that I'm spending the half of my time in the south of France, I don't mind about rain in Paris.

Even, that's a nice fresh place to spend time.

Everybody is on holidays in the south. They have bring with them noise agitation and pollution..

Here it is so quiet..

And even it still have concert and stuff to do I can't even be boring (not so sure about the orthography)


Photo credits: Sophie Martin.

Your article must be written in English

August 21, 2007


Endeed :
not so sure about the spelling of boring, I meant. So be be glad ... you misread...

August 20, 2007


hmm... I almost read: not so sure about the photography.
Glad I misread it...
Happy summer and great shooting!

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