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Dear community,

We'd love to read your photo adventures, but before starting, please keep in mind that blogs are for sharing photography experiences meant to help our community with useful tips and tricks.

Our blog section is monitored and reviewed by our admins and your posts will not go live until approved by admin staff. Some of the posts might not meet our rules, be out-of-topic, or address matters that cannot be answered publicly.

In order to avoid your posts being refused, here are some guidelines for you to know before you start a new article. This way, we'll add higher quality content to our blog section for you to enjoy as a reader. As a writer, you'll get the chance to have plenty of articles live, be awarded 1 download and be featured on the first page.

We'd be happy to see:

- blog posts about your first sale as long as you also share with us the story behind your image with as many details as possible: the subject you chose, technical tips etc.;

- any kind of experience that you might feel would be useful to share with the community;

- your hobbies alongside your images with as many details as possible;

- stories behind an image close to your heart;

- tips for new contributors and tutorials for improving photography techniques;

- equipment you use;

- 400 - 800 word length;

- images taken at events all over the world

We'll delete blog posts:

- that contain only images;

- with just a few words;

- that are not grammatically correct;

- asking for votes;

- containing promotional materials;

- that are not in English;

- that contain private information of users' accounts;

- that use capital letters;

- that contain refusal reasons

We also recommend you structure your stories into paragraphs, with subheadings, in order to be easy to read. Please also include links on specific keywords that could direct buyers to specific searches of these places on Dreamstime like in this article.

Colorful BLOG

Please keep in mind that this space aims strictly to sharing practical information for both photographers and designers, therefore we kindly ask you not to advertise your businesses or personal websites.

Thank you for being with us!

Photo credits: Matttilda.

Your article must be written in English



Maybe you first improve your editor so we can ad own photos from computer and wright properly a blog !!!And this is not an answer from dreamstime what I exactly did wrong in my blog !Hi,nnThank you for your contribution.nOur agency applies a set of criteria in selecting the content featured in the Blogs section.nUnfortunately, your post "Best Mobile Ad Formats and Sizes for Display Ad Campaigns" had to be deleted due to not meeting one of the criteria that you can find HEREnnYou can still have your story in our Blogs section after re-posting it based on our new terms.nRead the new rules and give your article a second chance.nnNothing is lost. Here's the deleted text that you can improve:


Patrick57, please emil us at support [@] dreamstime dot com including a screenshot with the steps you're taking. Thank you.


I was writing a blog but it would only let me add images uploaded in the last 4 days nothing esle loads... any ideas ?


Hello NiftyajuSingh ,I am answering your question.As you want to know where to find the image id ?I am right!So open up for uploads and find this below your image title with name "file id".


just completed my first article.How to get image ID ?


Just submited my first article for review! The inspiring light of Cuba! I hope you like it.


Just submitted my first article for review.


Hi, What is an image ID? How can I add images?


How is an image added? I wrote the article but am unable to add my photo.


Facing a problem.After writing out the matter, and when I try to add a picture, the system asks me to click in the picture and decide where you want to crop the picture. As soon as I click on the picture, everything disappears and I get a blank blog screen again.Am I missing out anything or doing something wrong?Can some one help?


Hi Malinash, can previous blog winners still participate in the coming contests? Thanks


@Marvallesvilomara, yes, of course, as long as it is an image from Dreamstime. We encourage and recommend the support


Hi! I'm neew at bloging, and I want to try my best. Thank's for this amazing tips. I have a doubt: Can I add an image which is not mine? Of course I would mention from who is it. I want to use it to show as an exemple for what I'm writeing. Thanks!


They took me out of several doubts, I'll be publishing my first blog a hug for everyone, and thanks for this useful information


Yes is good am a blind man who loves dogs and I want to come with my artical


Hi Admin,

Your "Blog Section Guidelines" link goes to a 404. Can you please repost the guidelines link? Thank you!


more like than accounting on the territory of Creation


I'm so happy because I wrote an article about tips for new contributors yesterday and today, DT admin suggested for this.

Can I ask a question? Sometimes I write useful articles but I don't receive any credits from it, but sometimes when I write common articles, I receive 1-2 credits. Are this chance is not changing from article to article?

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