Blogger goes ape over agency “extortion” letter

Copywriting expert and blogger, Ryan Healy has posted about what he feels are extortionary tactics used by a traditional stock agency to claim damages from images used on websites unlawfully.

As a copywriting professional, Healy paints a compelling picture of how he used a RM stock image unlawfully by mistake, why he feels he has been treated unfairly by the agency and why he further feels the agency is charging too much to settle the matter.

In the comments section of his blog, I tried to play the role of the agency's “advocate” – pointing out why they would and could not share his views on the unlawful use of one of their photographer's images. I further went into great detail explaining the differences between RF and RM image licenses and why from their perspective, the agency and the photographer are likely to be within their rights to protect their assets.

My comment was met, perhaps predictably, with a fair amount of disdain from Healy and at least one reader who frequents his blog. A somewhat more exciting response did follow.

This post was originally published on my Durban Photographer site. Note: I've removed the link to Ryan Healy's blog from this DT blog because DT removed the name of the agency in the link so returning a 404 error. Please find the link on the blog page of the Durban Photographer site.

Photo credits: Macxever.

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October 12, 2012


GI has a "take no prisoners" attitude with illegal use of their images, mistaken or not. I'm a contributor to their subsidiary, IS, and I've had money from my account subtracted because of image theft. They don't mess around.

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