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So, who else wants to know what a Blog is anyway?

I've done my share of Internet research over the past couple of days trying to come up with an answer to the above question. And though it seem to be no unified definition for this concept I managed to come up with some interesting facts and conclusions about this subject. Here I go.

A blog is a journal managed and published on the web and intended for public consumption. The term "blog" is in fact a shortened version for "web log" and was accidentally invented by Peter Merholz, who jokingly broke the word "weblog" into the phrase "we blog" in the sidebar of his website in April of 1999.

The entries of a blog are typically written in chronological order (as they happen) and are published in reverse order, the newest first.

The concept of blog isn't exactly new. Since the first network of interconnected computers was created, people used it to transmit different information. The first discussion systems were created. One of the oldest (and still in use) such bulletin board is Usenet. It was established in 1979, over a decade before the World Wide Web was introduced and the general public got access to the Internet.

Early blogs were just common websites sections updated manually. They followed the diary model: a day-to-day record of the events in a person’s life. By the late '90s the number of users interested in publishing was growing and the need for better and easier tools for doing this was in the air. Sensing the potential for wide use, several companies start offering such tools and kept upgrading and improving them making them user friendly and easy to use for a wide range of people. Blogging was no longer a privilege of the computer and Internet savvy, it did no longer required vast amounts of knowledge. Everyone could do it therefore the number of blogs started growing exponentially. For example the site Xanga, launched in 1996, had only 100 diaries by 1997, but over 20 million as of December 2005.

Technorati (the most known blog search engine on the Internet) says they are currently tracking 88.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media. And believe it or not, there are plenty of others not listed in Technorati.

Nowadays the blog is a huge Internet phenomenon. Everybody has a blog: celebrities, magazines, companies, institutions, millions of common people. Even your next door neighbour is likely to have a blog. A state president's blog launch was a world interest event announced in the news.

Blogs reflect as many topics and styles as the people writing them. Some are formal, technical and geeky, some are entertaining, some teach you how to cook you favourite cake, some are just telling one's nocturnal dreams.

I'm almost certain many of you already have personal blogs and even have lists of favourite blogs you constantly read, in the morning when you sip your coffee.

There are some great blogs out there and I'm sure soon enough we'll have an impressive collection of breath-taking writings here on Dreamstime (besides Ellen's of course), but in the meanwhile share your blogs treasure with the rest of us. I'll start. I read regularly quite a few blogs but most of them are written in Romanian and I obviously cannot share them. Between the foreign ones I really enjoy this one: it's a collection of interesting home design and home use articles. A lot of images and little text. I can read it in very little time and know much afterwords :) I like that.

Your turn. Which are the blogs you like reading regularly?

Photo credits: Cory Thoman, Christos Georghiou, Scott Maxwell.

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May 03, 2010


Learned something new here (blog is a break up of weblog)

October 08, 2007


Here's a link to my blog -

It's centered around my photography, and is focused on Orange County and Southern California pictures, tourism tips, and positive thoughts. I let it go for awhile, but now I'm really into updating every day.

I'd love to have you all read it and give me suggestions for improving.



August 24, 2007


Any questions about the bloggies at DT please help me ask them for you here

July 19, 2007


I find I spend more time than I should reading threads and posts already, so I think if I started to add blogs to my list of reading material, I would not have time to do any work!

July 19, 2007


Finally someone aswers my question, which was not at all rethorical :) Thank you.

July 18, 2007


Good article!

Well I got hundreds of RSS feed I read regularly. Mostly in French and not relevant to photography. I wonder what blogs on Dreamstime will turn into. Very interesting experience anyway, and very easy plateform to use (very important in the end). I will write an article about my feeds on photography.

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