BME (Best Month Ever)

Hi everyone!

March was an incredible month for me! I uploaded more photos in one month than ever before, I had the highest revenue of any previous month (although I only tied the previous month for highest sales), I increased my acceptance rate an entire level (allowing for more uploads), I had my first images added to other photographer's collections (thank you for thinking of me!), and I have all of YOU to thank for it. You guys even inspired me to think a little more creatively and add concepts I didn't previously have in my portfolio like medical images

health pics and lots and lots of foreign money pics . And after seeing all this foreign money, I really just want to travel the world! . I couldn't have done it without reading all these blogs and taking everyone's advice.

Even though I don't post a response on every single blog, I do read every single one! So just know that if you post advice, I have most likely taken it and am better for it. So please keep sharing ideas, opinions, knowledge, and information. I especially enjoy learning about the cultures of other countries that are always accompanied with wonderful photographs of the cities and delicious food! The blogs on here are awesome and, again, it's because of all of you!

One final note. I posted a blog a few weeks ago asking about placing ourselves in our photographs, and after the wonderful, funny, and helpful responses I received, I took ONE photo of me and it got accepted! Who knew? Here it is:

Anyway, thank you to everyone who helped make this my BME, especially the buyers. This is a GREAT community, and I just know it's only going to get better!

I hope everyone had a wonderful March, and here is to another best month ever for all of us!!!

Photo credits: Katn1999.

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April 02, 2010



April 02, 2010


BME for me too, hope April is even better. Nice sleeping shot, see? you found the perfect model!

April 01, 2010



April 01, 2010


March was a BME for me but my percentage and uploads didn't match! Here's hoping for the rest of the year to keep going upward!!

April 01, 2010


It wasn't my BME but it wasn't bad at the same time ;)
Good to hear that it gave you many returns as well... Your photo looks nice & it seems you were in a deep sleep :))

April 01, 2010


Congrats, nice blog. My BME for me, too.:)

April 01, 2010


Congratulations! It´s a good idea to photograph ourselves. "Young woman sleeping" Nice image!

April 01, 2010



April 01, 2010


It was a super month I must agree hope April is a great :)

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