From BME to bust in 2 short weeks

Last month was my BME in terms of sales and revenue so I ended the month on a high. Two weeks later I am once again holding my head in my hands as my sales have disappeared. Oh the ups and downs of the business. Hopefully the second half of the month will make up for the slump.

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It's not going to do much good to worry over numbers, really. I find that some months I go bust with Dt but getting awesome dls like never before on other sites, and vice versa. Same thing for not paying much attention to someone else luck or work, bc it can only screw up your own day or month just thinking of it, driving you nuts instead .
Just to answer your question, well, may wasn't like you got , and June although may not be so plentiful in downloads got me more "large" commission per dl. so bottom line i made more with far less dls relatively.
As I said, some months you win some months you lose. i guess it depends on who's looking for what, and if you look at your work vs me , for instance, we don't have the same stuff.
hope this makes you feel better :)


++++ think positive, M. the month isn't even half way yet. May was really, really, really a good month for me, BME indeed! June is looking just okay for me so far, but no complaints. Let's see what the next two weeks do for all of us... be$t wi$he$ to u$ all! $mile$$$!


@Meryll: and mine too, huh!? ;-)


I got all your credit sales this month, sorry :-)


BME is used on any microstock site I post and/or read and like you, I think any new comer only needs to think 3 times max to figure it out, since all topics will talk about 'low sales compaired to' in one way or another. So, I personally think it shouldn't be all that hard to pick up on. Just my two cents...


BME may not mean much to new comers............. I had to think 3 times to get best month ever................. we should avoid jargon and abbreviations which aren't familiar to everybody... shouldn't we ? David.


May was my second best BME. June....well, June is interesting. Several large sales including a U-EL have set my RPD into overdrive, but the volume of sales overall is seriously lacking. I don't know why! I hope things pick up soon for us all. I think it's the end of school in many countries and the start of summer vacations. Just my theory, anyways. Just keep uploading and try to stay positive. Any sale is a good sale, right? (But obviously, some are much better than others)> :)


Same here.
May was my BME (double the sales/revenue of april, which was my BME at that time) but if juni continues like this, I'll end up with 1/4th of may's sales and revenue.


Hope it picks up for everyone


hope the rest of the month will pick up for everyone.May was my BME also.good luck everyone (((H))) Debbie


I quite a few sales, but only subs and 1 credits so far...the revenue is very little...but I am still at a stage in which I enjoy the fact that someone buys my works...ciao!


We hope that you will sell as well as last month, I wish you good luck!


After an amazing May (BME), so far only subs and only one credit for $.49...
But of course, my portfolio is very small.


Ehe, I'm not alone! May was great and June is - &^$%^$%!!!!!But it is interesting to know how other people do! How is your June folks?

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