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Beautiful Butterfly on a yellow field

All the way is the hardest to find that light. No matter how wide is your aparture, and how depth is your image, without the light is nothing. I'm still making images with nice depth of field but the best images are backlighted.

Macro view of wild flower in sunset with bokeh.

I suggest to you that look for the background and quite the subject itself. If you can imagine the background with lights up, you're gonna get an amazing image.

Daisy wild flowers in sunset

Hope you can share some of your images with me!

Flickr - icemanphotos

500px - icemanphotos

What do you call a "real" bokeh??

Photo credits: Levente Bodo.

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February 04, 2015


Smoth and not disturbing.
Nice images and portfolio! Great blog :-)

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