Boo At The Zoo

Many zoos across the United States host a special event for kids to go Trick or Treating called "Boo At The Zoo" but the kids are not the only ones that get treats because they also give special treats to the animals of a way of enrichment for them. The past 3 years I have been going to these special events because it makes great photo ops. Last year I got the pictures of my favorite Lion with his pumpkins which he had a blast with them. The keepers put meat inside of a brown paper bag and then stuffed it inside the pumpkin to get the Lions interested into the pumpkin and it is a way of enrichment for them because it gives them a bit of a challenge to get the meat.

This year I took several shots of Meerkats playing in and out of pumpkin that was created to look like a house which was really cute because they kept on popping their heads out of the holes that looked liked windows in the pumpkin. I also got to watch elephants eat their pumpkins which was neat cause they hold it in their trunk and take bites out of the pumpkin and they are careful not to drop the pumpkin at all while it is resting on their trunk.

I'm still going through this years event so hopefully I will have a few that work out of the Meerkats and the Elephants.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

Photo credits: Susan Pettitt.

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October 30, 2008


Thanks everyone :)

@ Heathse I actually went to a different zoo then I normally do because of my normal zoo that I use to go to for this event added glass and meshing at the beginning of the year so I know exactly how you feel when it comes to shooting through that stuff.

October 30, 2008


great idea and nice shots too!

October 30, 2008


what a great idea! It's hard to find a zoo here without glass or small mesh. Very frustrating for photographers! All of your images are wonderful!

October 29, 2008


Susan, These photos are amazing, that is one content lion! A very Happy Halloween to you as well! Cheers. Marilyn

October 29, 2008


nice work!

the lion is lovely.... haha


October 29, 2008


Thanks everyone! :)

October 29, 2008


Great shots as usual!

October 29, 2008


Great shots! I love all the meerkat shot. They are so interesting. Lots of luck.

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