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Since I already declared myself a complete newbie to the whole photography and therefore stock photography thing I started looking up books on photography, especially digital one.

I found a couple of title that sounded interesting and read a couple encouraging reviews and determined me to buy them eventually. I'll gonna be buying and reading them one by one and I thought I'd make a list of them for anyone else interested.

Digital photography in easy steps by Nick Vandome

The digital photography book by Scott Kelby

The photographer's eye: composition and design by Michael Freeman

Exposure and lighting by Michael Meadhra

Understanding exposure by Brian Peterson

If anyone's got any other themselves at home that they recommend I'm interested in any other titles you know.

Photo credits: Frozenstar.
  • Frozenstar

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April 09, 2008

National Audubon Society Guide to Landscape Photography by Tim Fitzharris - a very good one on outdoor/landscape photography.


February 03, 2008