Boost up your sales Part 7: Blog blog blog

I guess DT admins will have themselves a handful now checking blogs rewarding credits for it, reading blogs, commenting on blogs etc etc.

Did they know what was coming for them?

To give them some help and a hearthfelt thank you I write this blog with:

Answers to some questions I know the answers to and read about in other blogs.

But first a remark:

Yes blogging boosts up your sales. How? Anything that attracts attention to you does.


Here's the lessons of today:


Question: Do I get credited for writing a blog

Answer: yes one credit for each APPROVED blog.

Question: approved what do you mean?

Answer: each blog will have to get approved in order to receive a credit.

Question: So I can't just write hello to all and receive a credit?

Answer: Do you think that is talking about your life, sharing stuff or contributing to the community? That should answer it, shouldn't it?

Question: I wrote a blog but did not get a credit, how long does this take?

Answer: minimal 24 hours.

Tip: Check if you can still edit your blog. If you can it has not been approved yet.

Question: I got two credits instead of one, why?

Answer: You have probably used one of your own photo's in your blog. You are also credited when someone uses your photo.

Remark: Wow that is great.

Question: Does this mean that if I put in, let's say, 10 of my own photo's in my blog, I get a total of 11 credits?

Answer: I don't know. Let's see what happens and I will let you know.

I guess not but I hope so.

Photo credits: Frenk And Danielle Kaufmann.

Your article must be written in English

August 23, 2007


So this blog has been approved and awarded one credit.
As I thought these photo's were not really related to the subject. But in fact they were because I was trying to prove something by placing them. I think next blog I will use one of someone else and ask this person if, after approval they get a credit for the fact that I used it in one of my blogs.
As thanks for the use of the image he may use this credit to buy one of my pics gheghegheghe NOT or ?...........

Done lookhere: http: //

August 23, 2007


Is that right about the image use credits then? A couple of users have just used images of mine in their articles (I received a comment on the images telling me so) for the first time, so when the articles have been reviewed I will receive credits for each one? Cool. I think it's right that we don't receive credits for using our own images though! ;)

August 22, 2007


Thank you so much Hobby and Tangie. I know you get credits for all photo's used but I think what I will proof with this one is that the DT admins have a tough job deciding if a photo is an addition to what is being talked about in the blog or not. They do one hall of a job here. A job I would gladly sollicitate for.

August 22, 2007


thank you very much for clearing some issues for the users...finally someone thought of coming straight forward about the topics at least :). Regarding why you got more credits, I think this remains a mystery :P to be revealed. And you articles are really really interesting...I think your credits are well deserved.

August 22, 2007


Wow! Very helpful! Thank you for doing that research for all of us!

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