Boost up your sales Part 8: Bloging is losing its religion

Yep definitely I'm stopping the way I blogged untill just now.

How was that?

I tried to share my knowings with the readers. Need more info? Read my other blogs.


It's not of much use when only two or three people react and only about 25 people read. Not much of use to spend 2 hours on writing it I think. To be honest, I do have work to do besides this haha.

So new formula: As of now I will try to find useful articles and resources and point them out for you.

Numero uno is:



*Great photo's

*Nice community

AND above all

*An impressive extensive database of all you always wanted to know but were to stupid (uhr sorry afraid) to ask about photography.

Make yourself wiser and take some time to search this site. It WILL make you better. Your off to go.


Photo credits: Frenk And Danielle Kaufmann.

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