Box Breakers

People always said: "be creative, think outside the box!"

Easy to say, but sometimes, very challenging, especially if you have a very orthodox way of thinking.

So sometimes, some people need stimulants. So here this blog is dedicated to images that helped me to break the mental box inside my head.

© Vladov
© Irur
© Rceeh

Photo credits: Beata Kraus, Tgo Chin Lim, Colombruno, Fat*fa*tin, Gökçe Büyükerşen Göksel, Icononiac, Irur, Carla Francesca Castagno, Jana Guothova, Mcherevan, Rceeh, Redcollegiya, Svetlana87v, Vladov, Yamakov.

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April 27, 2011


nice images

April 26, 2011


And most of them are in level 5

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