This weekend, in Cluj-Napoca, a city from Romania it was a Rubik`s cube contest!

There were over 40 people competing for a first place. I went there to watch them and to shoot some pictures!

I was amazed by these people. They were so fast that my eyes couldn`t handle their moves. I think it`s a great thing to be able to handle that cube with such a speed! There was one man who finished the cube in 15 seconds. And that`s amazing!

Here you have some pictures with this brilliant people!

Photo credits: Andrei Moldovan.

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July 06, 2010


thats awesome and great photos also.LOL

July 06, 2010


15 seconds - that's amazing. I remember my schooldays, when with a result under a minute you were a sure winner: 50-55 seconds were winners results. 15 is ... I can't imagine how fast he had to be. Didn't the cube brake into pieces? :) Great photos!

July 06, 2010


Great images.... I didn't know they still do Rubik Cube competitions. My best was 3 complete faces...

July 06, 2010


Great shots! I wish i could be there too...

July 06, 2010


Great event and photos!

July 06, 2010


Can't even remember at what age I had that! Nice shots :)

July 06, 2010


I newer managed to make more than one side.. snif!

July 06, 2010


I remember being able to finish the cube too... that was years and years ago, I've forgotten all about it now.

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