Brazil Independence day in Brasilia ... travel photography

I took the opportunity while in Brasilia on business to photograph some of the goings-on of the Independence Day celebrations. Here are the few keepers that made it and others that I have taken.

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If I had my time again I would have planned the locations I shot from better and known about some of the earlier events but as an amateur here on business I have to be pretty happy with the opportunity!

Brasilia is such an amazing city architecturally. Certainly not typical Brazil however, for an architecture fan it is up high on the list. Oscar Niemeyer did a fantastic job designing many of the government buildings in Brasilia. It is always a joy to come to a place like this when I can get out for an hour or so and photograph. The stark white concrete, crisp light and amazing blue skies make for incredible imagery - the polariser is necessary to cut out some of the glare. The evening presents opportunities too as the buildings are well lit. You have to be careful at night - go around with a local and don't be surprised if the police move you on when you have your kit setup in the middle of the lawn in front of their Parliament ;-)

I met a number of friendly people who offered suggestions for how else to spend the day. All in all a great day.

The Virtual Tourist site has some good material for researching Brasilia.

Photo credits: Bevanward.

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September 09, 2010


Nice photos! Congratulations!

September 08, 2010


Congratulations. great images.

September 08, 2010


Nice collection, thanks for sharing :-)


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