Break the ice - My First Download

After uploading for 41 photos, I finally have my first download, hee hee...

Although the first download is one of my favourite, it's a bit out of my expectation because it's not the kind of commercial photo to me...

This is photo of "evil eyes" hanging on a tree in Goreme Turkey, it's a very warm and memory under great sunlight, the evil eyes are shining with emeral blue under beautiful blue sky...

Lucky charm: Evil eyes from Turkey

Hoping that the culmulative portfolio can help to subsidize my travels and camera cost one day.....

Photo credits: Amybbb.
  • Amybbb
I want my photos tell people my travel story and move people through my lens.

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March 04, 2010

yes yes, lucky charm brings me first luck :)


March 04, 2010

Congratulations :)


March 03, 2010

Nice concept! :))


March 03, 2010

Lucky charms that worked well for you :-), they're doing a good job aren't they? Good luck for your future sales!


March 03, 2010



March 03, 2010

Very good! :o)
I started almost at the same time as you, got a similar number of photos online and got, like you, my first sale very recently! :o)
Statistics work then? :o)
All the best.


March 03, 2010

Congratulations on first sale! Wish you many more to come!


March 03, 2010

Funny concept! Good luck!