Breaking new ground in 2010

As the months go by, I keep asking myself …

"Is this micro stock racket really worth all the effort?"

Well that is a question that I am not entirely sure that I will ever be able to satisfactorily answer. But at this stage my reply to anyone else that is asking them selves the same question is:

I never had any false hopes that this was going to make me rich … not even slowly.

I am growing month by month, however … Not just in monetary values, but by the extra knowledge that I am gaining and the new boundaries that I continue to break, an then find myself having to set bigger / better goals to achieve.

"Is it really worth all the effort?" …

Well I am not sure that feeding my ever growing desire to create better images is an "effort".

What I can report to date [other than that which I have already commented on in previous blogs] is that I have yet again reached another milestone, that I will now need to break into the coming months. [even though it may not actually be up to me].

I say this as it is a sales based milestone … I have yet again broken my record for sales in this month of March 2010. [even though the revenue earned is just slightly under my best month ever].

If there are perhaps just two of three more sales this month there will be an all time bar set … in so far as the most sales posted, and the highest sales revenues earned, in one given month. [well myself that is ;) ]

My sales record & earnings for the following months are looking better & better, if the current trend is any level of measure, as the past few months have been as such, especially the last two months in particular …

So a brief message to the buyers, "Many Thanks & Come Back Soon" … as there will be many more new images posted as the months go by.

I leave with this last thought that the next few months here in Jozi are going to be buzi buzi buzi — what with the 2010 World Cup and all … So Good Luck to all the countries competing in the tournament & to all the fans, well there can only be one winning team, so lets all enjoy every game, and celebrate all the way with all the teams. And remember that we are poised to host the event for the world here in S.A.

Photo credits: , Patrick Allen.

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March 25, 2010


Hi Patrick, good to know that someone else has been thinking the same way as me! I really do not go out of my way though and still take images and upload images that I would take normally so not much effort and I guess this can be seen in my sales. Honestly though this is a business and to make it and some money, effort and dedication are a requirement. I would spend more of my time producing more stock orientated images if I had some to spare, but who knows this may change over the coming months as I would like to set up a studio to assist with these efforts and other forms of photography. The world cup may produce many opportunities for editorial style images, who knows, maybe we can even get on the gravy train with this event? Congrats on your success over the past few months.

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