Breaking The Rule of Third

As I discussed in my first blog Creating Eye Catching Images! very soon I will try to share my thoughts on breaking the rules of composition. The rules of composition are just some guidelines about making good, attractive images by placing your subject at right places. Many times you can create the images without following the rules i.e. breaking the rule. Why to break the rule? If you always follow the rule then your most of the images will look similar, to keep the variation in composition & do something different one has to break the rule. Also it’s some sort of challenging isn’t it? Before breaking the rule you should know the rule first. I know most of the reader reading this blog are very well familiar with the famous rule of third. They have read about it may be 100’s of time but please bear with me I have to say on it because without that this blog will be incomplete.

The rule of third simply says that don’t keep your main subject in the dead center. The image with object in the center is not able to capture the viewer’s attention. The viewer’s eye tends to get focused on four golden spot in the image. Which are these golden spots? If we divide the image into the nine equal squares then the four corners of the center square are the golden spot.Well in movies I have observed the cinema photographer most of the time follows this rule. I think because of movies aspect ratio,they are mostly comfortable with this.I always wonder any cinema photographers have ever wanted to have vertical, portrait composition & how he managed to take it? I mean it's really challenging for them to show their skills by accepting limitations horizontal format.

As I already said in my last blog I am not expert in photography. I will like to share my some images without following this rule & I hope they are able to keep the attention on the main subject without following the rules.In this image the tiger & his face is almost in the center of the frame but by vigenetting effect & center focus the breaking the rule is not affecting the image composition. The rule can be broken by :

-Tighter cropping or filling the frame with your main subject.

-Symmetrical composition.

-Spot lighting effects to focus viewers eye in center.

-Using shallow depth of field while keeping the main object in perfect focus.

- Having leading lines towards main centered object

There must any other methods. If anyone has then please share by giving comments.

What are the other rules which can be broken? This can be done by composing the attractive images without following the rules like:

-Don’t keep horizon straight. Add a dynamic look in the image.(EX:The left side image)

-Without getting whole subject in the frame i.e.cropping the animal’s tail, legs.

-Creating distortion by using wide angel lens, Fish Eye etc. for adding effect.

-Subject without facing the camera

-Not giving the more space in front of the subject (EX:The first image in this blog)

Enjoy the photography by breaking the rules but be prepared to accept the rejection by editors saying that "Lack of composition. Please visit..." Just kidding Love you all :)

Photo credits: Indianeye.

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April 28, 2008


Thank You :)

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Nice tiger.

I agree..."Tighter cropping or filling the frame with your main subject"

April 12, 2008


Thank You Valeria73,Roberto1977 & Hotsnaps :)

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Really interesting suggestions! Thanks!

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