Brief Moment With A Legend

Apologies for the long quiet time, it's been quite crazy these past few months. Anyways....

Above everthing else, what I'm really thankful about my profession is that I am able to meet a lot of interesting people. And every now and then, you get the unique opportunity to shoot a legend.

You don't say no to an assignment like that!

Lucky for me I had time and managed to include the rare opportunity to shoot boxing legend, Gerry Penalosa, that day.

Though this shoot/interview sked granted by Gerry was exclusive to us, we didn't want to abuse it and take much of his time. We maximized the sked alloted for us and did not allow for any lull time.

When an assignment calls for both an interview and shoot, I normally let the writer go ahead with the interview first. This buys me time to scout for a good location to shoot and set up. Plus, it helps to loosen the subject up a bit for the shoot. Next time you go to a shoot/interview, let your writer go ahead first with the interview so you have time for scouting and setting up.

For this, I decided to drown out the ambient light of the gym by using the max sync speed of my cam and lit our subject with two strobes. One for key and the other for high/backlight. ISO was set at 100 and aperture was f5.6.

The key light was softened up with a transluscent white umbrella in shoot through position set at 1/2 power and placed just outside of the frame, camera right. The other one also placed just outside the frame, camera left, and gridded to limit light spill. It was set at 3/4 power. I used two Foresto's for this by the way.

I did a few test shots with a stand-in to check for proper exposure and after that all I needed was to put the legend in the frame.

Once interview was done, we had Gerry change into a boxing outfit, put him in the ring and shot his portrait right away.

Mission accomplished! Portrait shoot with no waiting time for the legend.

You can view the blog here

Next?.....The Pacman......I hope.

Happy shooting!

Photo credits: Junpinzon.

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December 14, 2011


thank you so much guys!

December 13, 2011


I am enjoying your lighting tips, and your blog. Thank you!!

December 13, 2011


Great picture, I'm afraid I have not heard of the boxer but I'm sure he will be happy with the outcome of the shoot :-)

December 13, 2011


Great !

December 13, 2011


Very interesting blog, thanks!...

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