Bringing in the Birds

Blue Birds are beautiful, but shy . . . they feed in my lawn regularly and I wanted very much to capture a few photos of them. The question was how to get close enough with the camera gear I own to get a good picture.

First I established a feeding area near my house. I used an old plant pedestal (keeps them out of reach of the neighboring cats) and an old china plate from a thrift store. Meal worms are a great favorite of Blue Birds so that was my food of choice. In only a few days the birds had found the feeder and visited it frequently throughout the day.

The next step was to hang an old sheet in an open doorway to create a blind. I placed my camera on the tripod, stuck the lens out past the edge of the sheet and focused on the plate. I used the live view feature so that I could view the feeder scene right on the back of my camera while remaining hidden from the birds.

I used the manual setting on my camera so that I could adjust each factor just the way I wanted it. A reasonably high aperture gave me the necessary depth of field to keep the birds in focus no matter where they landed on the plate.

All that was left was to choose a comfortable chair to set by my camera and fix a cup of coffee to sip while I waited. Before long the birds showed up and I was able to snap a few photos.

Bluebird Dinner For Two

The click of the shutter did catch their attention so I would only trip it a few times per visit. Even so I only sat behind this makeshift blind for approximately an hour and got a number of good photos!

When you have a photography challenge to overcome don't just hurry to the nearest gear supplier. Sometimes more and better equipment is necessary but sometimes all you need is a little imagination!

Photo credits: Melodyanne.

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