Brings music to my ears

Finally!!! My images of my clarinet got accepted!!! If you want to find out how I ended up going with the clarinet, you can read the following paragraph, if not, just skip until the images.

So I was at school when I needed to choose an instrument. My first choice was the alto saxophone but too many people played it so I was done with that. The next choice was a clarnet, and so I got it. It turned out that I liked the clarinet so much, that I got one for my birthday. Several monts later, I met the cornflakes box, and I decide to take a picture of my clarinet. The first couple of images got rejeted because I had a very high ISO and a very small aperture, which created a lot of noise. Learning from that I tried again and then 75 hours later, what do you know?! My images get accepted!! Woohoo! Anywas, since that's my story, I geuss I should show the images now.

© Porjii
A broad view of my clarinet

Personally my favourite image

© Porjii

Photo credits: Porjii.

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I remember my first photography experience . It was taking photographs of a boring old shoe, lol... lighting it in every single way to learn how lighting placement and different intensity, direct / indirect source,etc.. affect texture , ambience,etc. It was very costly for me, as in those days, we didn't have digital cameras... only view cameras and the cheapest format was the 35mm films in black and white. but it was still expensive for someone who only had a part time job.
Today, it is much easier to master photography with digital cameras.
And from your article it looks like you are dedicated and ready to be as awesome a photographer as you aspire.
It's wonderful to read that you know your "stuff" and are doing your homework in photography.
I am confident you will do well. Keep at it.


Keep up the great work. You're sure to do well :)


Very nice work. Love to see more fron u.


Thanks everyone. I appreciate your comments


Nice image, good luck with it.


Nice shots. I will try to shot my son's clarinet this weekend.


Nice images! I play the clarinet too, it is a fun instrument.


Nice pictures. I think music from yours clarinet, the same perfect!


congratulations, i see you're only 12 years old - good luck you will go a long way from here - you're doing well - keep on doing what you love and you'll see the rewards later on :)

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