The Broken Window Makes New Lesson

By now, a photo about the broken window in my portfolio sells better then the others. The better selling prompts me to review the course of the photo production as well as to think about the photography. I want to find some special threads or factors of its merit.

I live in the upper floor of a department building. A vacuum glazing with double layer glass is set in the stairway towards the other buildings outside.

The Spring Festival is the most important one in China even in many other Asian countries. People do lots of magnificent celebrations in the period. This kind of tradition has been lasting for thousands years. One of the celebration games is firework display. All the people believe that the firework's colorful blooming in the sky and the bang of explosion can bring good lucks to them. So, at the last second of the eve, the sky above all cities and all countries must be fired with colorful fireworks. At the same time, the huge sounds of big bangs resounded in the air.

Several years ago, it was the time of Chinese New Year's Eve. A young father and his son fired their fireworks out the door, just in front of the building. Unfortunately, a piece of firework hit the window heavily. The outside glass layer was broken immediately. A hole in circle shape appeared.

I was sored about the window. I scrutinized the window for a while. I felicitated that it was the only one layer broken, the other layer still worked yet. I decided not to repair it.

The days passed. I had to see it frequently in my day life. I realized that there were some dramatic factors in the broken window. It might be a good subject in photography. I acted at once.

Obviously, the Dreamstime gave me a new lesson in a special way. It prompted me to study the photography deeply as well as to understand the pleasure of the daily life.

About the picture:

1.Using 70-200mm lens and tripod, for the space was too small.

2. Focus on the crack and make the background of outside building blur.

The other photo is about the traffic block during the firework firing period.

Photo credits: Buford Wong.

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November 18, 2010


Yeh that's cool :) But its best to get it repaired. Although hard and tough but glass is brittle. The cracks are already signs of a weakness in its foundation. It may smash or break anytime or if winds are stronger and the falling glass fragments might injure or kill unfortunate passer-bys walking below the window's location.

November 17, 2010


Cool! At least there is a bright side of the story! :)

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