Browsers - John Here - Why you need several browsers !

You know a lot of people just use one browser. The bad thing about that is viruses hide in browsers.

I use Opera, Explorer, Google Chrome, and a couple others. Why ?

Not just to test web sites but if I am surfing to slow, I will test the pages I am familiar with,

and see if they are loading slow also. If something is quirky about how you surf the net,

Chances are your browser has a bug.

I delete it and re-install it, and if it helps I move on. If it doesn't I use another browser.

My favorite browsers is Google Chrome, and Opera.

I like opera cause it has a drop down that you can choose your most visited pages.

I like Google because you can type one letter and your page shows up if you have

been there before.

Just a few thoughts, If you have any questions or info on browsers, Shoot them

my way.

Take care,


Photo credits: Georgii Dolgykh.

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April 09, 2010


I use google.... With Firefox as internet engine.

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