Brussels Sprouts, Football, and Coffee, Oh My...

First of all, Happy New year to everyone. I Know, I know, we are like almost 3 weeks into it already, but I haven't blogged yet this year, so there :)

My 2011 here at DT was much better than my 2010, as I finally started to learn a lot more, get approved a lot more, and sell a bit more. I also got a new camera late in the year, which has really helped. I achieved my first Level 3 image, which was exciting :) Hooray for Coffee!

© Cmoulton ( Help)

I continued to add to my Fresh Vegetables Collection. Here is my latest image for that collection, which just got approved while I was sleeping last night. I think it's really beautiful :)

© Cmoulton ( Help)

If you need inspiration for your 2012 healthy diet resolutions, go have a look at my collections. If you need to illustrate your blog with veggie photos, go have a look. If you need to buy some Photographs of Vegetables, LOL, please, GO HAVE A LOOK, haaaa haaa!

Also, the collection is open for new contributions, so if you have something you would like have included in that collection, please let me know :)

In other news, I was in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, in the U.S.A. late one night over the weekend, and found this delightful scene that I could not miss the chance to photograph and share...

© Cmoulton ( Help)

That is Baltimore's City Hall, and it is temporarily illuminated in flood lights with purple gels, in a playful display of team spirit for the city's football team, the Baltimore Ravens, who have made it to the playoffs this year, and will hopefully win again this upcoming weekend, in order to make it to the NFL (National Football League) SUPERBOWL, which will be played in February, in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have taken a few more really fun photographs of other buildings and structures around the city, lighted in purple for team spirit, and will try to get some more uploaded this week.

Good luck to everyone here at Dreamstime in 2012, and remember to have some fun with it - After all, even City Hall knows how to let it's hair down a little, and still get the job done.

Enjoy your day!

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January 19, 2012


You have great images. Good luck.

January 19, 2012


Very nice photos! Good luck and have a nice day! :)

January 19, 2012


Thanks and good luck to you too :-)

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Photo credits: Cmoulton.