A bucket full of hearts

I often look at the "Latest" section on Dreamtime's front page for inspiration. There you can see terms buyers have searched for recently, and sometimes these seach phrases have few hits. About the middle of february there were several searches for hearts. "Hearts background", "red hearts" and "bucket hearts".

The wife is a high school teacher, and lately they have been studying swine hearts in biology. Of course I remembered the searches for hearts, and how few of the hits that actually were real hearts. So I borrowed a dozen of the hearts and did a photo shoot.

I don't think these will be bestsellers next Valentine's day, but I had a lot of fun shooting them. And I can think of several ways to use them; food pics, science books, medical, and illustrations for some of the more horrible fairy tales.

Photo credits: Kavring.

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April 01, 2010


a really interested thoght.

April 01, 2010


Yuck!!! :)

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