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Budapest is probably one of the most culturally important cities in this part of Europe and the seat of numerous UNESCO monuments. Many call it the "Paris of the East" due to the fact that it lies on the beautiful Danube, and the city was officially created in 1872, after the merger of three previously independent cities - Old Buddha, Buddha and Pest, thus becoming the administrative, economic and industrial center of Hungary.

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What we can see in Budapest?

1.Budim Castle

Buddha or Budim Castle is a royal palace built in the 13th century. This is probably one of the most important and inevitable places in the whole country! Even UNESCO has included it in its list. The castle is an indispensable part of Hungarian history, and over the years, it has seen good and bad days.

2.Hungarian national parliament

My favorite thing about the town. No competition. The Hungarian national parliament is probably the first place people will go when they arrive in Budapest. Often painted on almost every souvenir of the city, this neo-Gothic beauty was completed in the late 19th century as a result of one competition!

Aside from being spectacular on the outside, the Hungarian Parliament has some special things hidden inside. What you must not miss is the room with the crown jewels of the Kingdom of Hungary.

The story goes that these gems have been lost and stolen many times. After World War II, they were transported to Western Europe and eventually given to the U.S. military to guard them against the Soviet Union. Later, during the Cold War, crown jewels were stored in the US Coin Deposit Box (Fort Knox, Kentucky) along with most of the US gold reserves. They eventually returned to Hungary under the direction of Jimmy Carter in 1978.

It is interesting to note that the Hungarian National Parliament is the third largest parliament in the world, with an incredible 700 rooms, as well as an impressive 19 kilometers of corridors and stairs.

3.The Dunabe cruise

The Danube cruise is one of Budapest's trademarks. Whether you decide to cruise during the day or night, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful panorama, where you will get the opportunity to see many sights of the city.

4.Hero Square

Hero Square, located at the end of Andrássy Avenue, is the site of one of the city's most significant monuments, depicting seven heads the nation believed to have led the Hungarian people from Central Asia to the Carpathians. In the center of the monument is Archangel Gabriel, who holds the Hungarian crown, and on two sides, there are motifs depicting several significant figures from Hungarian history.


At the top of Gellert Hill, stands the Citadel built during the Habsburg Monarchy, just after Hungary's failed war for independence. One of the reasons for the construction of the fort at this location is believed to be the ability to monitor developments in both Buda and Pest, should conflicts arise. Until 1897, the army was located in the Citadel, and was used by the Soviets in 1956 to control the city during the Hungarian Revolution. Within the citadel, today there is a restaurant, a hotel and a special museum.





Photo credits: Andrea Simon.

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January 05, 2020


If you allow me authentic remarks, some corrections have to be made to the article. The correct name of the Western part of the city is Buda. It has nothing to do with Buddha, the spiritual leader, although it is pronounced the same in English...It is so merged from 3 formerly independent cities of Pest, Buda and Óbuda (literally Old Buda).The Royal Castle is also called Buda Castle. Although some name variations had also been used in the Middle Ages throughout Europe like Budin or Budim.The river crossing the city is called Danube in English (Danubius in Latin and Duna in Hungarian).The city's most famous square is called Heroes' Square in English.I am anyway very proud to read such an article about my beloved capital. :)Cheers,A contributor guy from Budapest

January 04, 2020


Budapest is beautiful, and so is Sarajevo

January 04, 2020


I visited Budapest often in 2004 and it was the happiest time in my life; I would trade each of those days for a year of the rest of my life if I could relive them with the same person...

December 31, 2019


Can't wait to see some photos of these great locations posted! William

December 31, 2019


I would love to go to Hungary. One day, I hope.

December 30, 2019


Happy new year 🎈❣️🎉

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