Building a New Studio

Just in case some of you are still fighting the snow and ice and need something to think about, how about a new studio? You can learn from the best and Yuri has a new one to show you. I just saw this post and knew that it would get some of you photogs out of the winter doldrums just looking and deciding how to duplicate it. Lucky for me, it's becoming spring in my area and I have more important things to occupy my small mind! Such as, AHHHMMM, anyway, go forth and recreate if you dare.

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Photo credits: Susan Leggett, Romangorielov.

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Thanks Susan for this.
Really informative.


We've been talking about you while you were gone, Carol ;)) Keep getting those storms!


Oops sorry I'm a bit late, I haven't been hanging out here recently. I'm with you Susan, the outdoors is my studio of choice too. Really bad storms make really dramatic images so why waste all that good atmosphere by working inside a white box? lol ;)


:))))))) All hello


Hi Susan
Thank you for sharing !


The outdoors is my studio of choice, Maigi!


Right in time, Susan. :) I just got my little ministudio for shooting objects. Now it's time to learn, how to shoot images with pure white background. It's not that easy that I thought with lighting box, but I want to learn it. :) Big studio would be nice too, maybe one day. Are you building a studio, Susan?


More laundry, just what I love.......the cats get on all my stuff :((


Thanks for that. I have the lights but struggle with white cotton sheets for the background .. I hate ironing.. :) :)




Thanks Susan for info.Congrats on your big sale.(((H)))


Yep, it is a bit close in there, No table for the ping pong!!!!! Claudio and Gabriel, I know you didn't need the extra playroom so don't feel bad, you can add it later ;)


Not for me. Just too small :P


Thank you Susan for sharing :)I like Claudio comment,my studio it is just like Claudio studio:)


my studio is very similar ... maybe a few kilometers smaller.


Oh my...I'm glad I live in a warmer climate and don't have to think about a new studio:) Thanks for sharing the link. That studio did put a smile on my face.


Well, Maen be sure and let me know when your studio project starts! need a camera to make it work!


Thanks for sharing Susan!
But as it's getting hot here, I will postpone this till the next winter! So now I will do as you did AHHHHHH :P LOL


And it only take a few $$$$ to get a studio like that! :))


Yuri has a great studio!!! Thanks for sharing! :)


Yuri's studio and equipment is amazing, thanks for sharing...


Yep, Harold I was thinking about you and a few others...thought you might need some inspiration.


Your comment about fighting snow and ice is so appropriate something else to think about would be nice but when one considers 300 plus centimeters of snow in the last 30 days and snowbanks reaching heights that are beginning to block views from inside your own home one might have a hard time with motivation. Check the picture I sent you on your facebook page and you will see what I mean.

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