Bulgaria- Black Sea!


We have black sea.

Zarevo BG 2

Sunrise Black sea

The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast covers the whole eastern border of Bulgaria. Black Sea Coast beaches occupy approximately 130 km of the 378 km coast.


It is little,but it exists.It is black But exceptionally beautifully sometimes :), When it is calm.


Modern names of the Sea are equivalents of the English name, "Black Sea", including Greek Mavre Thalassa (Μαύρη Θάλασσα), Bulgarian Cherno more.

Sunrise 114

One of the youngest seas on the Earth, almost lake, the World's largest anoxic water body, draining a third of Europe, overfished and overcrowded, a model sea to study alien marine species invasions, heavily eutrophied, very beautiful, full of life: Black Sea.

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The landscapes on black sea.

Black sea

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Black sea

Photo credits: Svetlin Yosifov.
Svetlin Yosifov
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  • Picsvet
  • Burgas, Bulgaria
Svetlin Yosifov AFIAP Travel photographer,Bulgaria,2022-23 Monochrome Awards Photo Contest,Caro boy - 3rd Place (Portrait, Professional),The shadows of Mundari,South Sudan - Honorable Mention (Fine Art, Professional),Child Mundari,South Sudan - Honorable Mention (Portrait, Professional),Mundari cattle camp - Honorable Mention (Fine Art, Professional),2022 Xposure International Photography Festival,Shortlisted nomination,PORTRETURE,2022 International Picture Award,Germany(Category Travel) 3 place WINNER,2022 IMACRES Awards 2022 - 2 place Winners in People CATEGORIES,2022 DODHO Magazine, Color Awards 2022,3 place, Best photographs of 2022, "Boy from Mursi Tribe",2022 Grand Prize SanDisk "Share Your World",American Photography Open,2022#2 Black and white by Fotocontest.it,(overall winner),photo "Woman Mursi",2022 Better Photography Magazine,(overall winner)"Photographer of the Year 2022",2022 AWARDS PORTRAITURE competition, Woman Mursi Art Limited 1 place,2022 Book "BLACK & WHITE - A SELECTION of CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY",2022 VIII Jaln ngel TRAVEL International Photography Award,1 place,"Mundari cattle camp",2022 International Picture Award,Germany(Category PEOPLE) 1 place WINNER,"The Life of the Mother",2022 DODHO Magazine,Monochromatic 2022 ,3 place, Monochromatic,Best photographs of 2022, "Caro Boy",2021 7th 35AWARDS 1 place WINNERS-Children photo-100 BEST SINGLE PHOTOS,2021 7th 35AWARDS 1 place Viewers choice-Mobile photography,2021 7th 35AWARDS 2 place WINNERS Mobile photography-100 GREAT PHOTOGRAPHERS,2021 THE WORLDWIDE PHOTOGRAPHY GALA AWARDS and FotoNostrum 2st Place series ""BLACK & WHITE"",2021 THE WORLDWIDE PHOTOGRAPHY GALA AWARDS and FotoNostrum 2st Place series "PORTRAIT",2020 One Eyeland Photography Awards 2020, Silver Winner in People, Portrait-"Portrait Woman Mursi",2020 Xposure International Photography Festival,Shortlisted nomination,PORTRETURE,2020 inoventa awards 1st Place GOLD Winner of STARED, the 4th edition and 3st Place BRONZE Winner portrait,2020 Fine Art category Top 10 award in the Photo Is Light World Photography Contest PIL2020 Winners,2021 35awards.com,Male color portrait Best photographers:3st Place 2020-21 Monochrome Awards 2020 Winner Portrait Woman Mursi - Grand Prize (Amateur); 1st Place (Portrait, Amat

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March 12, 2008

Благодаря за коментарите и на двама ви:).


March 12, 2008

много хубави снимки. само така!


March 12, 2008

I agree with you, picsvet! Black sea is wonderful place if you need some relax or if you want to meet lots of cool girls or guys. I see you have taken some pretty good shots of it, keep doing it!