Burning Fat

The summer is on it's way, and we have to prepare for it. We have to burn all that fat we accumulated over winter.

We could go to the gym,

Or we could go outside if the weather is nice

But no matter the weather use any space to keep yourself fit whether in a gym or outdoors.

Photo credits: , Ant May, Ivan Paunovic, Denis Radovanovic, Marcelmooij.

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:D But also, it is possible to get a hart attack if one avoids exercising :)
I don't wish it to anyone of course


I am too scared to excercise, I am scared Ill induce a heart attack from the shock lol...


Thank you Toneimage :)


Well, the hardest thing is to start :)


so vivid and nice pictures!


One of my new year resolution to burn fats, still not started, where are on earth is all the time.


I'm going to the gym today! :)


No prob! Just wait for me to catch first plane LOL

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