The business woman in stock photos:the strong, the smart, the graceful

Times are changing and so is the woman's place in business. From secretary to CEO, we now see more women at the helm of major companies than ever before and the perception of the woman's role in business has clearly shifted from marginal to central.

What about the business woman's portrayal in stock? How does the business woman stock photo should look like in order to be successful today?

1. First of all, she should be strong and show strength. Being a woman in business has never been easy for various reason. When we say strength in women, we mean and expect an uncommon strength of character rather than physical strength. For women to be successful in business, it's very often their personality that makes a difference so hinting to a powerful-inside woman is a great concept. A business woman's strength often comes from her amazing quality to bring balance between work tasks and home life, from the rewarding satisfaction of getting the work done better than anyone else, from being your own decision maker and breaker. It's no wonder these are 'business woman' best sellers:

Strong business woman with muscles

Business woman in front of two roads thinking deciding

Relaxing business woman sitting on beach

Beautiful young woman smiling and looking at laptop screen

2. Second, it's about being and looking smart. And when we say smart, we mean women who look confident, balanced, casual, ready to take though decisions. It's no secret women can do a great job at work while being great moms, meticulous house cleaners, professional rock climbers or hobbyist motorbike riders so portraying them like business superheroes would not bring you far from the truth. Women in business are often miracle makers, multi-tasking wizards, imaginative stock players so why not showing them like this? A business woman in an unconventional work place or even an unconventional outfit are something we will see more often than business man stock photos. And it is only natural, women do it better ;):

Businesswoman mother woman with a daughter working at the laptop

Feel yourself a hero!

Woman with laptop in hands . Mixed media

Portrait of young barista in coffee shop

3. This is edited from 'pretty'.Third, it's about being graceful. And when we say graceful, we do not mean glamorous, beautiful looking models posing as business women but about the warmth, the familiarity, the naturalness and the trust business women usually inspire. We mean showing women who obviously enjoy business success while remaining the girl next door or your best friend. A woman's smile can make you buy something and not necessarily because the smile is gorgeous, but because it is sweet and trustworthy. These are unique traits women possess and stock photos should capture.

Casual business woman portrait

Senior business woman

Young asian office woman working with laptop computer at desk of

Female commuter cycling

Happy Business Woman Day and congrats to all the ladies who mean and do business!

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Photo credits: Ammentorp, Diego Vito Cervo, Kiosea39, Mangpor2004, Hongqi Zhang (aka Michael Zhang), Mimagephotography, Sergey Nazarov, Sergey Khakimullin, Woraphon Banchobdi, Sepy67, Robert Kneschke.

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October 25, 2017


@Mariekazalia: Figuratively, not metaphorically :) then. A person can be beautiful in body and soul. Figuratively and literally. That's what I meant.

October 25, 2017


I think there is a language barrier here. @Tangie wrote: " Please take 'pretty' metaphorically, it is meant to be exactly like this."

This statement makes no sense to a native English speaker. "Pretty" is an adjective not a metaphor. If you said that each woman is a different flower then flower would be the metaphor to mean beauty/pretty.

September 25, 2017


@Bonniej55duncan: Please take 'pretty' metaphorically, it is meant to be exactly like this. All women possess a natural beauty and my blog does not speak about the physical beauty but the warmth inside that glows on the outside.

I am sorry if some found this offensive. It is not meant to be such, perhaps the word 'pretty' is misleading. However, the text does not speak about physical beauty. Do not judge a book by its covers.'

September 23, 2017


This is an amazingly tone-deaf pitch. At least in the US. It's offensive to so many people that you might want to consider having someone else handle your promotions.

September 22, 2017


Beautiful photos! Like this article! Thank you Tangie!

September 22, 2017


Pretty. Really. That is complete BS. Please, after all of these years we still have to be pretty in other peoples' eyes to be worthwhile. That is a terrible editorial or advertisement or whatever you want to call it. Shame on you.

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