Businessweek article - digi photo scrapbooking biz

I stumbled upon this article from, on home based businesses,

and the second page of the article is on digi photography scrapbooking.

I have a ton of mine waiting approval.

Here’s the excerpt:

“Digital photography also provides what you think might be a huge market in “scrapbooking.” But hasn’t that trend already peaked?

You’re right that people have been teaching scrapbooking workshops and selling products for several years now. But our idea is a twist on that, as an opportunity for the home-based entrepreneur to market herself as a professional scrapbook artist. The reality is that we all have these digital cameras that take beautiful pictures, but they’re all stuck online or in a computer or a camera and nobody ever looks at them.

Also, most of us don’t have the time or the talent to download the photos and put them together to make a tangible memory or a gift for a relative or friend. Someone creative who has done this for herself as a hobby could turn it into a business. We suggest they get started by doing things like donating their services to their kid’s school as part of an auction, or teaching a summer class through a community college or local recreation center. Once they can show potential customers their work, those people will hire them to do the same thing with their own photos. It’s a great gift business for holidays and birthdays.”

Photo credits: Loveliestdreams.

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I have recently joined dreamstime because I am a designer in the Scrapbook business although it has only been one part of my business I have seen a huge interest in this business I design tags, banners, stickers plus sell my own paper tole cd which teaches people to use this papercraft in scrapbooking or cardmaking I now also sell digital scrapbooking ebooks with my own stuff I just hope to improve my photography to take it one step more so yes it can be a worthwhile business if you have the knowledge to design and market yourself.


Yes, I have tons of scrapbook pages I've uploaded here recently... I don't know of any scrapbook sites to sell on yet ;) but I should search on it...


I read the article. What did you mean in your second sentence "I have a ton of mine waiting approval"? Here with DT like the flowers above or with the scrapbooking site?

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