Butterfly Skye's

I have a butterfly farm in Sydney Australia. I sell butterflies for weddings and special events.

It is a fantastic job, I love to see the look on peoples faces when they release their beautiful butterflies into the sky. Every time you release butterflies, the experience can be greatly different. At a wedding, people release butterflies as a symbol of new beginnings. At a christening, people release butterflies to symbolize hope for the future and a new life. At funerals, people release butterflies to release the soul of their loved-one, up to heaven...

The butterflies don't know what their purpose is...they just want to fly away and be free

Photo credits: Raja Rc.



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January 08, 2008


Releasing butterflies at special events is very common in america. They have a special society check out . Or you can check out my site . I am in the process of upgrading and putting in some new photos of recent butterfly releases. People can release anywhere form 2 butterflies to 200, In September next year (our spring) I will be supplying a childrens charity with 2000 butterflies to release in memory of 2 little girls that died. When I have some photos of this, I will definitely post them.

January 08, 2008


Do you have any photos with released butterflies? It could be a fantastic view... thousands butterfies... but I can imagine, it's not good to use flash during such shot...

December 13, 2007


I like butterflies a lot, and I def spend some time is a few butterfly farms over here and there but I've never heared of one who releases them on special events.

December 13, 2007


I love butterfly and flower. This story is new for me. Thanks for writing.

December 13, 2007


I haven't heard of this before. The image that it brings to mind is exciting photographically. How many butterflies do you release typically?

December 12, 2007


I love butterflies. Growing up we lived out in farming country, so there were butterflies and moths galore! I used up many 110 and 35 mm film rolls chasing them around the property!

December 12, 2007


:)) Beautiful... simply beautiful.

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