Buyer's Life made easy !!!!!!!! Search results are not rigged....... thanks DT

Well DT, from time to time DT added great new features, some great some not so great, of late two features which I like most is search and zoom.


Well I guess most of you have read about these features in forum section. I just wanted to highlight about this Dynamic Search tool here in this blog.

Today I was very busy and wanted some images of Srilanka, I was so busy that I thought whatever is first page I will download as I don't have much time to go through other images. Suddenly I saw a new button Dynamic Search, I noticed this couple of days on DT homepage, but didnt care to read (Guys whatever you notice in DT, take few seconds to read them, as they are very informative, editors don't just publish crap, so I suggest take few minutes when ever you see something in pink letters in home page.)

Just wanted to experiment and I click the Dynamic Search, didn't notice anything new, and I settled down for one image from first page, I was about to download, and then I noticed some more image below, wow again I scrolled down still more images, WHAT A RELIEF THE PAIN OF GOING TO EACH AND EVERY RESULT PAGE WAS NOT NECESSARY, (I just hate doing this) It went on and on, its such a cool tool I could see all the images in one single page. All 30 pages in one page.

I think this is the first of its kind of search toll, honestly I haven't seen such search tool before.

Sincere thanks to developers of DT, you saved me lots of time and this in turn helps contributors to be 1st page of search results. I guess contributors will not complain that their images are not placed in first page and the search results are rigged.

Anyways people who didn't try this tool yet, check them out, you will love it.

Hope DT brings more new features.

Traffic Sign Board on Emirates Road

Photo credits: Creativei.
  • Creativei
Ci Corp FZE, own and operates Creativei Photography and we are well known stock photo provider in Middle East.

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October 29, 2009

I like this new feature^^


October 26, 2009

I agree also this new feature:)


October 26, 2009

I agree with you Altaf, but as I said there I would like to have it as an option... As it might be slower depend on the internet connectivity! Thanks ;)


October 26, 2009

That's a really great feature that I think works well on this site. :-)


October 26, 2009

I also agree, great feature.


October 26, 2009

yes it is way cool.Happy searching