Buyers Diary Part 2, not to be continued...........

Hello everyone, if you remember I had posted a blog last month, showcasing my downloads from DT titled Buyers Guide Part 1. Well I'm afraid this has to be last such blog. Well I have resigned from this present company, well most of you might think I'm a fool to resign during economical crises.

But hold, I have taken the calculated risk, and I'm finally in a position to start my own design house. No no I don't have that much cash to start a full fledged business, I have been developing websites, doing lots of freelance work during the past nine years, now I think its time to take some risk and start on my own. I will need all your best wishes and blessings.

Oppps sorry I'm going off topic, but just wanted to give my reasons why this blog will not have part 3 and 4 and so on.

Well here is the images I downloaded this month, I mean for October issue of our magazine, Oh yeah I'm in the process of converting all my works into my portfolio website so you can see where these images and the previous images we have been downloading.

Ok here are the images, now at least you know where these images have been used.

Oh surprised to see one my own images downloaded through our company account.

© Barsik

© Noonie

© Godfer

© Dash

© Sklyar

© Mani33

Photo credits: Alfiofer, Anke Van Wyk, Ryan Stevenson, Galina Barskaya, Braendan Yong, Creativei, Daniel Dash, Godfer, Jaroslaw Grudzinski, Karin Van Klaveren, Maen Zayyad, Marilyn Gould, Martin Novak, Mark Hryciw, Monkey Business Images, Mypokcik, Susan Leggett, Photobunnyuk, Isabel Poulin, Patrick Allen, Weixin Shen, Sgcallaway1994, Shariff Che\' Lah, Showface, Dmitry Demyanov, Tarragona, Aleksandar Kamasi, Vojtech Vlk, Wisconsinart.

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February 16, 2010


ah how fantastic! thats my child abuse pic up there thank you!

November 13, 2009


Good post - I'd go for it if I was you. If you are struggling for cash go for a Bridging loan Bridging Loans they've helped me in the past.

Good luck

November 12, 2009


@Intrepix, @Reeddaigle, @Kasienka Thanks for your best wishes.

November 11, 2009


Sometimes it is worth to risk... Wish you a lot of success!!!

November 11, 2009


頑張って。"Ganbatte" That means "Do your best". It's a way of saying "Good Luck" in Japanese. Do well, and enjoy it!

November 10, 2009


I admire your courage. I wish you good luck and great success with your new business!

November 07, 2009


@Jocky, Thanks for your wishes.

@Morrbyte Thanks for your wishes and the support.

@Ratmandude, yeah one of your image was useful for our magazine so I downloaded it as soon as you pointed me in that direction.
Thanks for your wishes and advice, will keep that in mind.

@Digitalg, yeah very soon I will be downloading for my company, and thanks for your wishes.

@Sqcallaway Yeah one of your image was useful, thanks for pointing to that section of your PF, Thanks for your good wishes.

November 06, 2009


Thanks so much for looking over my golf portfolio and choosing one of my images. Its so cool to see who downloaded it. I want to wish you the best of luck in you new adventure. I'm sure you will do very well!!

November 06, 2009


Good luck, and sooner than later you'll be downloading images for your own business! :)

November 06, 2009


PS: Thanx 4 making use of one of my images!

November 06, 2009


It's been said over & again …
But — I'd like to add mine …
Hope the future brings all that you which for AND MORE.

I started freelancing on Feb 2006, based on a forced retrenchment, but I've never looked back since that bold beginning.

If I may be as bold to offer some advice … always assume that within every three years you will need to completely replace your equipment — so make sure your pricing models are inclusive of that forward motion.

November 06, 2009


The very best wishes go to you and those supporting you,and i beleive that with the passion and love you have for what you do,you will be a great success,enjoy your journey.

November 06, 2009


Good luck and success! ;)

November 05, 2009


@Antoinettew and @Keki Thanks for the best wishes.

@Irisangel, first of thanks for your lovely message. Believe me, it was just a blog to inform contributors what I downloaded, and I went off topic thinking that this will be my last blog on this subject, until Dessie pointed out that I could still continue part 3 and 4 and etc. And all these best wishes and love from the people whom I havent even met once in my lifetime, This blog is my most emotional blog due to all those lovely comments and wishes. I read all these comments everyday, I dont have words to express my feeling and emotions. Thank you all

November 05, 2009


I would like to add my best wishes to the list. With all these well wishers, your company is off to a good start. Best of luck to you and when you get rich and famous, don't forget to write and tell us. Sending positive energy your way.

November 04, 2009


very best of luck with your new venture :)

November 04, 2009


A great step forward! I wish you all the best in the future with your own compagny

November 03, 2009


@Bradcalkins, thanks

@Warren yeah you are right and thanks for your best wishes, well dreamstime will be always a part of my daily activities, I feel at home in dreamstime.

@Fotosdelsur well said, thanks for your best wishes.

November 03, 2009


My very best wishes to you! Keep us all posted here.

November 03, 2009


VERY GOOD LUCK! As Einstein said "It’s in the crisis where we can show the very best in us... Let’s not pretend that things will change if we keep doing the same things."

November 03, 2009


Hi Altaf, I do not think there is ever a "good" time to make a change such as this, the right time is when you feel it is time. I am going through the same decisions as I am tired of what I am doing and because of this dont perform to my best ability. You have sound knowledge that will see you through and see you making a success of whatever you put your mind to. I say, now is the time, good luck and best of wishes for your future. Hopefully this does not mean we will not be seeing you around here from time to time? PS...thanks for all your support over past year or so and for the purchases of some of my images :0)

November 03, 2009


Good luck!

November 03, 2009


@Jonvitalija, thanks for your wishes, well I'm leaving the company but always will be attached to this lovely community.

@Asyan thanks, yeah smaller or bigger version of wishes, it means big to me,

@Wisconsinart, thanks for your wishes, and yeah I purchased most of the images who post comment on my previous blog, where I requested for golf images, it made my life easy.

November 03, 2009


@Macdaddy, Thanks for your wishes and advice and inspiration, yeah it will take lots of hard work, I'm just looking forward for the creative freedom.

November 03, 2009


@Maigi, Well even I'm surprised myself why I didn't think of this earlier, Thanks for your wishes.

November 03, 2009


@Rebeccaosborn thanks for your wishes,

@Patl finally I got a comment with your signature style

November 03, 2009


I wish you all the best of luck in your new company! What an exciting and busy time for you. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses sometimes too though :0)

November 03, 2009


I appreciated you choosing one of my images. I don't know if it was a coincidence or not, but more than one of my golf images sold and one sold twice. I was very surprised because there are so many good images to choose from. So "thank you" and good luck with your new career!

November 03, 2009


As Pat had said, but in a smaller version, i wish best of luck!

November 03, 2009


The best wishes on your new adventure and hoping to hear from you in a near future, let us know how you doing. All the best!!!

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