Buyers - Getting Deals on Dreamstime

You've found the perfect image and want to purchase full ownership, but the price is a little more than your budget can afford.

What to do? Ask for a deal.

A lot of buyers might not realize that the creator of the image does have control over the price of SR-EL licenses. The SR-EL License allows you to purchase full ownership of a particular image, meaning you have exclusive rights to use that image.

As a creator, I can choose to have that price automatically applied to all my images, or I can set a fixed price manually for each with a minimum of $350. When automated, the more downloads an image receives, the higher the price increases, with some images well over $3000 - $5000.

So let's say the image you want to buy currently has an SR-EL price tag of $4000. It's well out of your price range but you are willing to pay $600. You can always leave your request as a comment to one of the images. It never hurts to ask and chances are, they will be happy to sell it to you at a cheaper price with a little negotiation.

If your offer is accepted, all the creator needs to do is adjust the price for that image in their account and it's ready for purchase through the site. Remember though that the minimum price allowed is $350 and the creator cannot adjust the price any lower than that.

Happy Image Hunting!


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March 09, 2008


I forgot to mention something....

I would recommend people try and improve keywords for their images before dumping images to the free section. An image's lack of success could be simply having the wrong keywords, or not enough of them.

March 09, 2008


Hi Tara.

I believe it does help a fair amount. While there will always be a percentage of people that come to Dreamstime for free images only, the way the system is set up is perfectly designed to tempt people into buying other images.

Since the images I add to the free section aren't showing any potential for sales, I know that each image brings exposure to over a dozen other images in my portfolio. So it's a trade-off and one that I think is worth it.

March 09, 2008


hi there..i noticed you give away many free images.. would you say that helps your overall sales? thanks for the feedback

January 01, 2008


Thank you for the time it took to write this article and for the information you shared. I appreciate both the time and the info.

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