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Hi Dreamers!

In a recent discussion in this thread about cropped vs non-cropped pictures of people and such, it appeared that some buyers do not realize that they can "legally" contact contributors, i.e. the authors of those images they want non-cropped versions of. I thought it is an important piece of info deserving a blog article.

There are two ways of contacting a contributor.

1. You can contact us via admins, i.e. via the DT contact form.

Send them the details of your request about a particular image and providing its ID, of course. Then, the admins will pass your request to the contributor, who will be more than happy to upload a more suitable image for you via a priority review option. Eventually you will have a chance to buy a better fit image. :)

2. You also have the option of asking the photographer directly by leaving a comment under the image in question. How to do that? - On the image page you have to switch to the Tools tab - the right-hand tab, next to the "Download RF stock photo" tab. There you will find the text field "Send a comment" and the send button below it. (Hope you do not confuse it with another text field called "Report image to admin", which is for flagging spam-keywords. Also good to know.)

The photographer can then upload the non-cropped, or otherwise better fit, image, while asking for a priority review. If the uploaded image is accepted (or not), the photographer can inform you by the same comments tool, and you will see the news in the "Unread comments" area in the upper-right corner of your profile, which will be highlighted in red when there are unread comments.

My perception is, asking the contributor directly may speed up things for you, because you can discuss the image you need and what the photographer already has but not uploaded yet. Or, maybe, a new image can be made just for your needs! :)

Hope it will be helpful for someone.

PS: I also have some pictures implying that larger additional format or variations might be required (which I have, but as you know series are judged unfavourably nowadays).

PS2: Contributors, maybe we should think of creating a collection(s) focused on such variation-prone images and/or collages? I could start one if you suggest me your candidate-pictures.

Photo credits: Androniques, Yukchong Kwan, MinervaStudio.

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April 19, 2012


I think to tackle the issue of diversity and search I will create just a few collections like that. :)

April 09, 2012


Thank you guys, again! :)

Calyx22, thank you for your comment. I have just created such a "variation and collages" collection. However, I think the issue will be its diversity in subjects and objects, so that a buyer will be soon lost browsing through it. I could not find a way/means to filter out images by keywords in a particular collection when viewing it. So, after all it does not seem to be practical, unless there is interest and will to add the search functionality to collections just like we have it for our list of uploaded files.

April 09, 2012


It would be nice if there were actually more contact between buyers and sellers. I have only been contacted by the buyer once, through the contact form on DT. I wish there were more, that's for sure! You pose some interesting questions, though. I shall have to go think on them. :)

April 07, 2012


Thank you ! :o)

April 06, 2012


Great blog, thanks for sharing.

April 06, 2012


Thank you! :)
I do think it is important that buyers should be able to contact us - contributors, in those cases when otherwise the contributor would lose a sale and the buyer would miss a chance of getting the most suitable image.

April 06, 2012


a very useful comment you made and for sure a greater contact between the needs of buyers and the possibilities of contributors would be of high benefit to both sides plus for D.T. of course!

April 06, 2012


Thanks for sharing and congratulations for yours images!

April 06, 2012


Interesting idea ! Thanks for sharing !

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