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© Armonn

There was an announcement that one of our DT members (from Wisconsin) is buying pictures.

(with some conditions) and one of the condition is that the picture should be funny.

So there is a frantic rush going on now with the deadline approaching fast and all trying to be funny. I mean all trying to capture some funny pictures. After all Mr Wisconsinart is “sharing his wealth” and why not make a grab for it.

So I too decided to pick up my camera and go get some shots of something funny.

© Leda_d

Before venturing I had to have some idea of what funny actually meant. So I looked up on DT and searched with the word funny as the keyword. And came up with 161210 funny pictures

Like some one said funny is subjective. Someone may find picture P funny but the same picture P may look absurd to others.

So I just tried browsing through these 161210 pictures to see if it will produce some sort of laughter, may be even a smile on my face. And if I did find some, then maybe I too could stand in the queue and try to click something similar and submit and wait with batted breath to see if my picture will get selected and my sales graph soar by some 0.02$ (or whatever is the amount fixed for the one credit point)

© Fottom

While browsing through the funny pictures I came across this one “Funny Golfer” I hope he just posed for the shot and did not actually try to whack the ball with that four pronged thing. Can you imagine the damage it could create on that golf course.

Sigh . . . . . .its day 2 and I have only browsed 1273 “funny” pictures so far. Not even an iota of smile so far. May be I lack a sense of humour. Maybe I have no idea what funny actually means. At this rate I am never going to click that special funny picture and the man from Wisconsin is not going to be generous and make my sales shoot up with that one credit point.

Hey wait a minute, a smile, yes it’s a smile, I am smiling, but sorry to disappoint you, the smile is not because of any picture. I have this habit of glancing up at the top right hand corner of my computer screen from time to time and I found that my earnings went up by $0.21 (I checked later and found that it was due to sales by referred members)

Sorry Wisconsinart, I cannot think or come up with anything funny and I am feeling very depressed.

OK, while browsing, some of the pictures that I liked are:

© Katkov

© Allein

Photo credits: Ragne Kabanova, Noam Armonn, Fottom, Katkov, Desy Pistonami, Sokolovsky, Tudor Antonel Adrian, Vladislav Gurfinkel, Wisconsinart.

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April 22, 2011


Thanks all for the encouragement.
Hey did not know about this Member's choice. Wonder who these Members are..... (from Admin?)

April 21, 2011


Your pic of you and your wife is a "Member's Choice" pic on the "Stats & Community" page. You're famous!!!

April 21, 2011


Thanks for the laugh, Joe. Need a bit of laughter in my life now. Humour is always good and like you said, subjective.

April 20, 2011


I love the fact that you actually researched his criteria and then posted a blog on it. I think it's really fun and I am impressed that you would step out and try to help. Well done! I dont' have any funny ones either but I think you should get a credit anyway for looking and being helpful! :)

April 20, 2011


nice photos

April 19, 2011


nice pics

April 19, 2011


sure they mean funny ha-ha and not funny peculiar? :-) or :-?

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