Buzzwords - Get ready for the Beijing inspired

I can just imagine the PowerPoint demos and reports that are about to be written in which there is a metaphor made between business and the Beijing Olympic Games. Business people cannot help themselves, especially those in communications and marketing. "On your marks ..."

Projects over the past few years have had "traction" added as a measure of their success. I guess now we will be talking about "taking it all the way to the line" and "pass the baton" to the next phase etc. etc.. Hey, I am all for it, it makes me money.

And as funny as it seems, the majority of folk will be distracted by the Olympic Games and I guess the hope is that by building some similarity there will be synergies and such.

Of course, the "spirit of the competition" and the concept of being part of the games is where business and sport conflict. There are no prizes for competing in business. The prize is to win, or at least be in the first few home.

I remember a Seinfeld episode when Jerry described 2nd place as "the best of the losers". Gotta love Jewish humour. Love it.

Can you think of some business buzzwords that will be recycled again over the next few weeks ... or even new ones!

Photo credits: Jacetan, Malschinc, Vasilkov.

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