Everyone must bee aware by now that there is a worldwide bee crisis, especially of the honeybee which accomplishes about 75% of the worlds plant pollination. We've also been told that should mankind disappear the planet would do very well thank you, but should insects beegone everything would die! So to I have beegun a new collection of images of all kinds of bees, but not wasps! Hopefully those interested in conservation will use our amazing pictures.

Now I don't want to bee bumbling around trying to identify the species in your beeloved images so please beehave and do a little research and keyword properly. So get buzzy!

Bumble bee on ceanothus blossom

Photo credits: Heathse.

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What a BEEautiful captures.. ^_^ Wish you BEEg sales ahead..!

Thank you Maria, the collection is growing nicely now so here's hoping everyone does well. (I've run out of 'bee' words!)


What a BEEautiful captures.. ^_^ Wish you BEEg sales ahead..!


Thank you Beshots for your comments, I went to your page and found this lovely image:


Bees are wonderful, one of my favorite things to photograph. Amazing little creatures!


Lovely macro. The crisis is scary.
You've inspired me to go out and get some more bee photos myself.


How wonderful it is! I like the blue colour.

Thank you Wxh6763. How about taking some pictures of Chinese bees? There must be some!


How wonderful it is! I like the blue colour.


Thank you Unteroffizier. No bee pictures amongst your great insect shots for my collection?


Insects contribute to the balance of this world.

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