Bye-Bye Love, Bye-Bye Happiness (Part 1)

I love camera, I love photography. I love microstock, I love Dreamstime.

But, it became the darkest day yesterday. My camera bag lost thoroughly. It contained my lovely camera Fuji S3 Pro and the favorable lens Nikor 70mm-200mm. I am felling into the extreme sad mood.

The camera was the first DLSR of mine. It had been my only photography weapon for nearly five years. I was involved in Dreamstime farther given to the photography with it. I searched it and had learned a lot of knowledge about photography farther gotten a happy method of life. I had taken a certain amounts of lively moments of my life. Certainly, many of them can be seen in my DT portfolio. The camera led me to the new steps of art and brought me lots of happiness.

It can be said that the camera is my love or my happiness.

This is my first photo accepted by DT. It was taken in a raining day, on the big bridge of Liao He River, northeast of China.

The lens was my first lens Sigma 28mm-105mm.

Photo credits: Buford Wong.

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Thanks for Ms. Sweetheart29. I only regret that I had not left my name or address on the bag. Perhaps the infomation works.


Ohh I'm so sorry -- I hope you had your name in it or something that can be tied to you. This is heartbreaking. It was hard to even read this post. We all feel for you!


Thanks for Mr. Mayatairy and Mr. Ampyang. I dare not have the extravagant hopes the bag returning to me again.

I will continue my photography, I think.


Sorry to hear that. I can imagine how's my feelings if that's happening to me. But don't you ever quit your wonderful work my friend. No one can take your happiness away from you.


This is horrible... a nightmare of mine...
Hang on there.... I hope it will return to you as soon as possible....


Thanks for all friends concern about me. Be careful of your equipment.
My camera must be stolen.


Oh my goodness! That's so sad! What happened? Was it stolen?


i am so sorry, i too hope somehow it will be returned to you


WOW. I would hate to ever lose my camera.


Sorry to hear that, really bad news, I know its sometimes expensive but camera and equipment should be insured against such loss as it is only when it is gone do we realise how much it was really worth to us.


Very sad news, :'( wishing for you that somehow your camera and equipment is returned to you.


Oh thats really sad,


So sad abut it, its really a heart breaking news.

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