Bye-Bye Love, Bye-Bye happiness (Part 2)

The camera bag has been lost for nearly 20 days.

The sad mood used to come and confuse my common living rhythm once I do some photography as usual. Apparently, photography has become my most important hobby and deeply affected my daily life. In fact, I immerse in photography only several years by chance. The web page of Dreamstime gave me the chance. I have been contributing my pictures to it as well as learning knowledge about it from others.

Nikor 70-200mm, the lost lens, was my favorite and important one. It had perfect performances. It was easy to control and made me to grasp some special skills. For instance, the skills about how to stand out the main body and blurs the others, how to freeze the frame of some speedy moving objects, etc. The lens brought me a lot of surprising view records as well as happiness. With it, I had taken many lovely pictures. Many of the pictures can be seen in my portfolio now.

The loss of the camera bag contained the useful lens frustrate me badly.

I miss the lens very much.

Photo credits: Buford Wong.

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Will you be able to get another lens like that sometime soon? I hope so.


I am very sad to hear this news,I can understand your mood.


So you haven't fond it yet, so sad, I thought may be you found it somewhere.

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