Camel in Jerusalem

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I have visited Israel twice now. Both times for a month. Not for any religious aspirations, but to experience the archaeology and history of the country.

Israel offers diversity in many respects, including its people and landscapes. Drom the Negev Desert in the south to the forests and abundant water to the north at the foot of the Lebanon mountains.

I wanted to get onto the Mount of Olives which overlooks the Temple Mound to get a good shot of Jerusalem, when I encountered an Arab who had just arrived at the same spot. The camel was not very happy to be there and moaned many times.

The photograph captures one of the camel's moments of displeasure perfectly.

Although not very frequently found in the city, Arabs still use camels as a mode of transport.

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September 07, 2007


Yes, I did not see many camels around the city. Interesting thing that I heard from a Bedouin while I was staying in the Negev Desert is that it costs about $3 per day to keep a camel... know if this is true?

August 03, 2007


Awesome shot! :) You really don't see many camels wandering around Jerusalem these days.

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