A Camera that Does Nothing

Before I start, I'd like to tell you that my camera is the best; shoots at 14 frames per second, focuses instantly, weather sealed, has 4K video up to 120 fps and you tell it what to shoot, it goes by itself and brings back great results :))

So yes, i'm being sarcastic, but with a message.

Its not that the above specs are useless, in fact they are great at assisting professionals to attain their desired moments within a frame or video. Pro level specs do give a sense of trust due to ruggedness and overall controls that enable better hunting down fast decisive moments.

But what about the enthusiast or one seeking it as a new hobby?

- In a consumer based logic of living, getting used to update has become the norm; a trend to follow while denigrating the importance of satisfaction with what is already there; as a result buying a new piece of equipment may now be perceived as a necessity rather than a luxury, and due to the fact that media exaggerates specs and emotion, a good count tends to listen and buy.

As a result, focus tends to circle around the specs rather than on the overall image. Its not wrong to enjoy a new toy, but there is a difference between buying a car to take you places or another just because its looks cooler with a faster engine.

There is that thin line between understanding your needs and going further ...

Old retro cameras

If we were to go back during the 70s or 80s, cameras still focused manually and zoom lenses weren't that good. Film ruled and people where more careful at taking a good meaningful shot. It was harder but it felt good; images where more the result of the photographer rather than the camera. Compared to now, images are shot like crazy now that storage is almost limitless and the images are instantly viewed and adjusted, even adjustments are aided by presets instead of a step by step process ...Not to say that this is bad, there are great images out there but sharing the passion of giving photography and processing time is fading by every generation ...

The old generation of farmers and ones with the passion of sun, air and hard work is being replaced ... meaning is in the process of change to meaningless ... but hey, (meaningless) is a bigger word :)

- At home, I still have photos shot by a 2004 old dslr and i also have a still that i took from a 720*480 video along with some other images taken by a 2015 camera. What i actually admire (as a enthusiast photographer) is not the overall picture quality but the message behind along with emotional value. My father has lots of photo albums taken with cheap 70s film camera that i still enjoy seeing and most would make great retro compositions since retro is a trend nowadays to even exhibit.

Old Photos People and Cars

- Once in Lebanon, in one of war plagued suburbs, children were given disposable film cameras and were told to shoot whatever they like ... turned out to be one of the greatest exhibitions locally. Those children enjoyed their toy and moved about taking photos of what they see, for that means something and sharing a meaningful context seems to have attracted human emotion to see beyond the picture quality towards a story that triggers an emotional one.

- Although we are bound to certain image quality constraints, yet an old 2004 dslr still manages to fly over those requirements especially for web based content. As long as there is control over equipment capabilities, images should turn out fairly good.

- I envy those who admire what they have and enjoy the moment of having a great moment ... a camera is a tool and the need to update maybe deceiving :)

Photo credits: Andreka, Susan Leggett.

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June 06, 2018


Some good points to remember! I miss my old Olympus OM2N, but film is just too expensive, cumbersome, unpredictable, and will most likely be digitized anyway. I've had film and digital SLRs but I prefer shooting with my phone. Especially for the convenience! I can take just as good of a photo (with a few exceptions).I have been wanting to get a new phone though because the new ones fill in the gap where mine is lacking. But nothing currently on the market offers exactly what I want, (half a step back in some ways and half a step forward in others). So I'll stick with what I have for now and wait until I really LOVE something.

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