Camera in my pocket

Most of us use SLR. It has good quality of images, high resolution chips, high range of lenses and it's very handy to use. It works fast when we need it.

Most of us treat photography as a hobby and selling pictures on microstocks as well. We get a profit out of it but it doesn't pay our bills of. I am a manager of one company in my city. I thought it'll be easy for me to connect my work with my passion. I was always taking my camera bag with me. I put it in my boot and.. forgot about it. In fact I have to less time or am so busy that I'm not thinking about anything else. I realized that some time age.

I wanted to change cause so many interesting things went by around me. I bought smaller camera - Canon G7. I had G5 before so I knew that images are ok. It's much more smaller than my 350D so I could keep it in my pocket.

But again I got so confused. I have it with me, sometimes in my pocket but still don't thinking about taking photos. So now I'm asking myself what is going on with me. Have I burnt out inside? What about my passion? Does it still exist? How can I get on well with that? How to find some time to relax and to have joy of pressing the button...?

I can't find a strict answer. It's so hard. I think I've changed from passionated photographer into a snap shot ones. I'm planning my holiday for the end of September. Croatia or Egypt. I'm wondering how it will be? If I'm able to find (or to find again) that happy feeling inside myself. Happy feeling that gives me so much pleasure and joy when I'm taking pictures.

Does anyone had something like that? Is there any way out? Is it possible to find my pleasure again? My daughter (6) is taking so many pictures now. She loves it but .. it's a story for another blog.

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August 22, 2007


Sounds like you're just in a downtime. Don't sweat it too much :)

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