Camera protection in the cold winter weather

Although summer offers rich colors and warm weather that makes taking outdoor photos a pleasure and can be done in comfort.

In some areas of the world it comes to an end.

The other extreme is Winter. We can hibernate in the house and take all studio shots and isolate everything including the kitchen sink or we can be brave and head out into winter wonder land to see what's out there.

But beware because along with the sophisticated Digital cameras are some precautions that must be taken to protect your gear and get good outdoor photos.

I have taken my camera out in winter in temps. of minus 20 degrees F. They will do it and work fine.

The danger comes when you put it away.

The cameras biggest threat and enemy is condensation.

This happens when you have the drastic change in temp. from cold to hot. The damage this can cause is that water drops and electronics don't play well together and this can cause damage to your camera.

It can also cause fogging up of the lens from the inside that causes another whole set of problems.

But don't despair, we have ways of dealing with this creature that will allow you to play in the cold, and get good photos.

Some people put the camera in a plastic sealed bag when the bring it in from the cold. The theory is no air no condensate.

But my preferred and proven method I use is that when I'm shooting outdoors I leave my camera out until I'm finished. Don;t put it back and forth from the case every five minutes, that will cause a problem.

I also have a padded camera case that is kind of insulated so when I put it away I leave it closed up in the case so it warms up slowly, this can take up to thirty minutes sometimes but I don't get any condensation in the camera or the lens this way.

I also always carry a big soft towel in my vehicle and when I'm going from place to place I wrap it in that and never have had a problem.

You can find some interesting photos in the winter.

Just protect your gear while doing.

Hope this helps your cold weather shooting.

Have a geat safe New Year.

Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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