Camera in your head

I have an engineer friend who is very good at what he does. Every time we go into a building he automatically starts looking around. He doesn't even realize he does, it but he checks out the structure, heating ducts, everything you can see. Sometimes he makes comments like, isn't that strange the way they built that?

But then I think how many times I look at something and in my head take a photo of it. Or I imagine adding a little side lighting or moving something around just a bit.

So how about you? Do you have that camera in your head?

It can't be just me. Remember it's o.k. to be obsessed with it as long as your not on meds for it.

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August 23, 2007


I have what I like to call a Pictorial Memory. My mind automatically takes pictures of everything. I remember perfectly what color I highlighted my college notes, where the sticky notes are placed on my work walls, how the papers are arranged the desk, etc. Everywhere I go, I take mental snapshots. If I can remember something as an image, I will remember it forever. Only downside to this is that I have a horrible filing system! Sometimes it takes a while to find something, and sometimes an irrelevent memory will be attached to another, making a horrible mess until I get it sorted out!

August 23, 2007


Hello Dave, my name is Duilio from Argentina.
I think, that it happens when you are doing something you enjoy to do.
For example, I´m a graphic designer and I am always looking every add, or sign in the street, deciding if that font or that picture are good for that piece of work. If the text is well aligned or not.
Obsession...? hehe no; Passion for your work.

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