Can I Have Your Vote? Pretty Please?!

Not for the assignment... you can put your guns away admins :P

My country's candidate to the New 7 Wonders of Nature, Jeita Grotto, made it to the 28 finalists shortlist. The winners will be announced on 11/11/2011, hopefully, our Grotto will be among them...

Here's the gallery they have:

Jeita Gallery

Needless to say that it's a different story if you're actually there, it's a whole other world.

Make it on top of your list of places to go to if you ever visit Lebanon. Unfortunately though, cameras are not allowed there - otherwise, my portfolio would have been filled with the awesomess that is that place.

If you have a few minutes to spare, would you please vote for Jeita Grotto? (You have to vote for 7 wonders, maybe your country is there too..). Here's the link:


I included a few Lebanon-non-grotto-related pics

for my blog to be nice :)

ETA: Enjoy this NICE song & vid...

Photo credits: Eliane Haykal.

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Thank you so much Debbie :)


done good luck...great photos


Less than 2 months left!


OK Elien, you have my vote. Good luck.


Obviously I thank you :)


Obviously you have my vote!


You've got my vote, Elaine! Thanks for sharing these interesting links!


Eliane your imagination is scary actually! No more fairies for kids! LOL


@Calyx22: of course I'll update you. Do let me know, we can meet for a day and visit cool places :)
Many thanks to all of you :D


All the best :-)


Voting is completed!! You are checked off. Best of luck to you. I know you are going to update us, right? :)

Lebanon is on our visit list for either 2012 or 2013 for one of the Eid breaks. I'll let you know when we decide! :)


Thank you Dessie :) Great photo & place, I just love nature!


Oh God! It's amazing place!!! I just checked google pics! Awesome! Hope you'll win, Bulgaria almost did it to that stage with Belogradchishki Skali. You got my vote! :)

   Belogradchishki skali, Bulgaria   


If you took it like that then yes of course.. in the pink dress too, & hitting the high notes while singing, Lol :P


Float & climb?! can you imagine me like a fairy?! LOL


@Mani33: did you watch the song? We should try some of this stuff - we'll float on water & climb the walls like the fairies :D


@Calyx22: Thank you :D
@Mani33: it shall be repeated, that's a public promise!


I just voted! Wonderful place! And Wonderful company I had there! ;)


I will go vote now! I saw where you Liked the Seven Wonders on FB today and thought.... I need to go check this out. Now I know why! Good luck!!!! :)


Jeita is "roaring water" in Aramaic (the language spoken by Jesus).
You should visit both the upper cave (on foot) and the lower cave (by boat) - different experiences & equally amazing!


Jeita Grotto seems like an amazing place. It' on my travel list now :) What does the name mean by the way?


Thank you Rosedarc :D OMG I thought the Uluru was familiar & it was because of your profile photo!!


I voted for the Grotto and for Uluru too of course :-)


Thanks a lot Fabio &/or Concetta :) :)


I also helped me to give my vote, I'm really Wonderland, hello!


No need to ask twice :) We'll go there this summer.

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