Can't wait to get your opinion

As an enthusiastic beginner I want your opinion on my 2nd and 3rd accepted files to this site.

What do you think?

Photo credits: Hafakot.

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They are good images, but for microstock they seem to have poor lighting. They have potential.


I really appreciate your comments !


nice shot.

I totaly agree with Parkinsonsniper. In top of that, I find them a bit underexposed.



I like them both, great advices anyway.


You need more copyspace for the pencils. the un-isolated image and small copyspace (blank area for text etc) limits the usefulness. Second picture: altough the background is out of focus, it is still too complicated and background and objects colors are harmonic, which makes hard to distinguish the object. They can still sell :) but you need some improvement and it's very normal. You are very new :) welcome to DT :)


well, what about then saying, there's a bit work to do on the lightning and think from the view of the buyer, does this sell?? the biggest challenge in life is to be honest but also encouraging - tough, I know, and I probably fail myself heaps of times ;)


my 2nd and 3rd pics were lousy. I'm trying to be realistic and help the man.


I accept the opinion though a bit a shame to admit i was not point and shooting those pics. It took me some time to get those shots (out of about 10 each).


Don't share that opinion at all- I reckon the picture with the girl holding the pencils has the potential to sell well and considering that they are the 2nd and 3rd accepted files I think they are really great - would like to look up your 2nd and 3rd pic "Costasz"!


Poor lighting and limited commercial value for both.

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